Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More Black Naped Terns!

On the One Palm Island, our colony of black-naped terns has gone really big. Just the other day, we counted more than 90 birds nesting, feeding & mating. The jetty, the sundeck and the east of the island are still a good place to spend a day at, but the western end of the island is now a tern colony.

We even changed the destination for our General Manager's cocktail party to avoid disturbing the seabirds.  

Worry not – this is temporary, as the Black-napped terns will move on when they finish nesting. So far we have not seen any hatch-lings, so we expect the terns to nest on the island at least until August.

As for now – it is a spectacular show of nature, just see the pictures !   


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