Friday, March 23, 2012

A Sad Story of A Giant Trevally

On Thursday the 22nd of March our Ocean Paradice dive team found a dead Giant Trevally  tangled in the fishing line on the rocks. The fish had a hook in its mouth as well as some fishing line attached. The fish probably tangled itself on the rocks while trying to escape the fishermen. Without being able to swim freely and feed it died. The fish looked quite fresh, and therefore the divers recovered the fish hoping that it would still be fresh enough to cook, rather than let a great fish go to waste. 

Sadly the meat of the trevally was spoiled, and we had to burry it in the ground.

The fish weighed 26 kilograms and was 109 cm in length. And these fish get even bigger ! Giant trevallies grow up to 1,7 meters and are fast and agile predators ! 

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